Our Story

Cavella Food journey has begun in the vibrant city of Dubai as one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in the region, Cavella Food has carved its niche as a landmark of confectionery excellence where we combine our long expertise along with the modern innovative techniques to produce exceptional confectionary products where QUALITY ALWAYS MATTERS


Our Mission

At Cavella Food, our mission is to create unforgettable moments of joy and indulgence through our premium confectionery products We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled taste and quality to our customers, ensuring that each bite of our products is a delightful experience that brings happiness and satisfaction


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the go-to choose in the world of confectionery and chocolate industry, delighting customers worldwide with a diverse range of high-quality, creative, and sustainable sweet treats. At Cavell Food, We aspire to continuously push the boundaries of flavour, quality, and environmental responsibility, all while fostering a culture of excellence, passion and ambition among our team members

Packaging Options

We understand the diverse needs of our clientele. Our products are meticulously packaged in:

5 kilograms

1 kilogram

700 grams

400 grams